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Our current feature film about the Rising Generation of Black Farmers
Featuring Leah Penniman, author of “Farming While Black”.

We’re storytellers for social movements and regenerative economies.

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Services For Activism

  • Grassroots organizing isn’t just about flyers, prospect mailing, and door to door visits. Now, we use eNewsletters, Twitter Parties, live stories on Facebook or Instagram, or live interactive online broadcasts. With the advent of “Arab Spring,” or movements like “Me Too,” or the internet sensation ice bucket challenge, we saw history in the making, non-profits raise tremendous amounts of money, social change movements becoming less marginalized, and more in the public eye and in conversations. All of these social uprisings were organized and documented through with hashtags and posts on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Now, even if the revolutions aren’t “televised”, they are in the public sphere through social media and gain momentum as trending topics by the sheer number of hashtags alone, or can be found simply by looking at what is trending in Google Searches. Kontent Films understands the strategies behind social movements and can help you bring your cause into the limelight.

  • Kontent Films’ expertise in social consciousness starts with a key concept - consciousness starts with awareness.  People aren’t going to be inspired to make a change, or do things differently if they aren’t aware of the issues or problems. Solutions can only be achieved where there is consensus that there is in fact a problem, and more importantly, that something must be done about it. Galvanizing the public to effectively address the problem with solutions requires that people work together to help educate everyone on what the problems are and what solutions there are to address those problems. Awareness is the fulcrum. With the proper research into the means and methods to raise awareness, you can inspire the populace to spread the word about the importance of addressing the challenges we face. this is what Kontent Films is all about.  How do we get your mission and goals out there into the public consciousness? By telling an incredible story and getting it seen and heard.

  • You want to visualize your goal and fulfill your mission. Kontent Films can develop a narrative that helps to better emphasize your unique value proposition and inspire others to believe in your cause, spread the word, and take action.  From the initial concept, to the production, and ongoing outreach and distribution, Kontent Films will be with you every step of the way to ensure you help achieve important milestones to aid you on your important mission. No matter what sector you are in, be it B-Corp, health, technology, social change advocacy, environmentalism, public policy, non-profits, NGO’s, small business, or as an independent visionary, we can help craft an incredible concept and bring it to life on screen, whether in video, film, television, online, and in social media. Kontent Films is devoted to producing works for the common good and making an impact. If you need to launch a new brand, a new idea, or bring a fresh perspective to an ongoing challenge, contact Kontent Films!

  • Kontent Films can help transform your ideas, or rough drafts into a very professional script or screenplay. There are different writing formats to consider for projects from a 30 second, or two minute spot, to a feature narrative film, short or feature length documentary, or television series. No matter how long a visual piece you want to produce to eventually air online, on television, or on-screen, we can help write a stellar treatment, spec script, shooting script, final script, or screenplay for your production. Proper formatting is important and there’s more to writing than just dialog. From timing and mood, to location, staging, and lighting, as well as camera angles, or cut and fade instructions as a director’s script, there are many kinds of elements to long and short form writing that will ultimately be read by the script supervisor, talent, and crew. To make sure your script, or screenplay is top notch, contact Kontent Films.

  • There are many different distribution and publishing options to choose from. With rights clauses, how to split rights, different percentages, and exclusive contracts, you really need to know what you’re getting into. There are many different avenues for promotion as well between theatrical, syndication, DVD, or online streaming releases, so the distributors you work with can make or break a project if they don’t provide enough PR, social, and advertising support.  As such, you may want a service deal to help ensure the distribution process is still under your control. Larger deals can even allow a re-cut, or change your artwork, and unless you cap film distribution expenses, splits of profits after expenses may be small. Small licensing fees might not net you much with online distributors, either. Kontent Films has experience in providing content delivery to spec with distribution and publishing and can help get your project the best deal, depending on your needs.

  • Kontent Films can write, produce, direct, edit, and distribute a live-action production whether it’s in a short or a feature format.

    Live action refers to videography and cinematography that is not produced using animation, but rather, focuses on real people in real-life situations, or fictional characters as actors in fictional situations. Live Action is more like a narrative film that is not animated, than it is a documentary. If you were to want your project to qualify for the Academy Awards, a documentary short would not be accepted in a live action category. A live action short, however, can if it was prepared like a film, but the run time is less than 40 minutes. Most feature films are between 70 and 210 minutes. Although, the Screen Actors Guild states that a film must be at least 80 minutes to be considered a feature. Whether you want to produce a short or a feature, Kontent Films has the necessary talent to make your live-action project a reality.

  • Post-production these days is done digitally. Live shoots tend to be in modern day if you have footage shot on older formats such as 16mm, or 35mm film, super 8, VHS, or some other format, that footage will need to be digitized. The Picture Editor will be making an EDL, or edit decision list from all the footage and working their magic in shaping your story from all the raw footage pieced together from rough cut to answer print. Then comes the Supervising Sound Editor, that provides dialog editing, adds sound effects, records ADR, adds Foley, and music, as well as provides audio mixing. Other elements include VFX, color correction, and adding title cards. If your production will be distributed globally, you’ll need to produce dialog scripts for localization in dub or subtitle, and an M&E mix. You’ll need to produce separate trailers, and campaign images for stills, posters, and press kits for marketing your project. Kontent Films can help deliver every post-production element.

  • The larger your project, the greater number of people will be needed to fulfill all the needs of the production. Management is the backbone of the operation and is an integral part of any project. Management requires people with exceptional acumen, who can make good judgements and quick decisions on productions that are in pre-production, production, and post-production in a matter of weeks, or months. The more involved the project is, the more important it is to hire seasoned professionals who’ve managed many large scale projects over a number of years. The smoother your project runs, the happier everyone involved in the project will be.  With over a decade of experience in video and film production, you’re in good hands with Kontent films.

  • Kontent Films thrives in making stories come to life. Illustrating ideas through motion graphics and animation can really drive home a story. Statistics and graphs can be boring, especially if you resort to basic graphs and pie charts - leave those to the meeting room. For video and film projects, illustrating stats in a unique and compelling way, numbers can be translated in a way that can help your audience become more receptive to and understand a concept much better. It’s hard to conceive of how much trillions are, so distilling down concepts like this in a visual representation of what that number actually represents, can make a tremendous difference in grasping the gravity of that number in a visceral way. The style, look, and feel of a video or film can be shaped by the right kind of VFX and bring an entirely different vibe to the entire project. From rotoscoping, stop-motion, compositing, to 2D or 3D animation, Kontent Films can help your story take on a life of its own.