Five Great Reasons to Shoot in the SF Bay Area

If you are planning a shoot for a brand film, TV commercial, or social media, the San Francisco Bay Area has it all. If you’re coming from outside the region, production is easy with an experienced guide. As the Bay’s longest-established video production company, Kontent knows how to wrangle crew, creatives, permits, permissions, and any other challenges that come up in Northern California!

At the risk of sounding like a tourism commercial, here are our top five reasons to shoot in the Bay:

1. Iconic San Francisco

San Francisco offers one of the richest visual city locations in the world, with some of the most recognizable landmarks. Cable cars! The Golden Gate! Chinatown! Lombard Street! The Painted Ladies! Fisherman’s Wharf! Plus, the streets and architecture of the counter-culture. But we’ve got two other mega-cities within an hour’s drive. Berkeley and Oakland have their own iconic neighborhoods, while San Jose feels like SoCal.


2. Beautiful locations inside

Many of our clients come to the Bay for the vast range of film-friendly interiors. Is there any other region in the US with such a diverse choice of locations? Without even switching hotels you can shoot a day in a giant, farm-style ranch in the North Bay, the next in a funky apartment in the city or a townhouse in Haight-Ashbury, or a state-of-the-art sound stage.


3. Wine and Wilderness

America’s greatest wines are made in Napa and Sonoma. Blink and you’ll think you’re in France. But then there are redwood forests and ocean beaches and eagle-crowned mountains, all within an hour of San Francisco.


4. The Giants of Tech

Your clients are here. This is Silicon Valley, the center of the digital universe. Genentech, Google, PlayStation, Facebook, Netflix, Apple, and most of the rest of the world’s tech giants do their best work between SF and San Jose. We’ve shot in Menlo Park for Facebook, San Francisco for Adobe, San Jose for Zscaler, and all points in between.


5. Talented Crew, Cast, and Creatives

San Francisco has a deep history of creativity and innovation. We’ve got some of the finest shooters and creatives in the world. You might think that Hollywood steals thunder from the Bay Area, but many of the best crew prefer the quirkier, independent feel here. We’ve got A-list stars (and plenty of B, and C-List actors as well). Plus a LOT of famous authors, musicians, and billionaires. And if you do want to get out of LA, we’re only a drive away.

If you are considering a shoot in the SF Bay Area, drop Kontent Films a line to discuss your project.


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