Find the right role for your corporate spokesperson

If you understand which of these archetypes they fit into, their part in your brand story becomes clear

These days the need and use of corporate video has grown exponentially. Messages, both internally and externally, are now routinely delivered by team members or customers, then broadcast at events, conferences and online. Let’s be honest, so often these “talking heads” can be dull. This isn’t the fault of your on-screen corporate talent. Your CFO was hired for her financial modeling abilities, not to win Academy Awards!

How do you create and add interest to their on-camera performance?

First step is to understand who they are and what their personality type is. At Kontent Films we’ve worked with literally hundreds of ‘real people’ called to deliver messaging on camera over our 22 years in the business. We have found directorial success by recognizing the storytelling archetypes in the personalities in front of our cameras.

We can help you do the same by matching the personality types of your spokesperson to the message that best fits them. The results will authentic and more engaging.

Here are five of the most common archetypes we work with and some tips on how to find a role for them in your story.

The Everyperson

The Everyperson demonstrates the virtues of simply being an ordinary person, just like others; they are unselfish, faithful, supportive, and friendly.

For peer-to-peer internal communication ‘The Everyperson’ can be a valuable asset. For the Recology Safety program we cast the employees to present guidelines to their fellow workers. And let them be their true selves.

The Ruler

The Ruler is the boss, leader, aristocrat, king, queen, politician, role model, manager or administrator, and they take this role in the categories that they play in.

For The Ruler archetype we immediately think the C-level executives. But you have others who fit this archetype too. Look for the team members who see the big picture and know the specific role they serve in your org chart. A message for company passion, pride or purpose is a good fit for them.

The Jester

The Jester is characterized by being fun, original, and irreverent. Jester figures enjoy life and interaction for their own sake.

You have them working in your office and as a customer. They say it like it is and everyone admires them for it. They are well suited for a disruptive or game changing message. For Sunnyside Farms, the founder’s youthful disruptive ethos to change the seedling industry was contagious. We channeled her spirit to deliver the brand story.

The Sage

Sages are driven by a desire to understand and know the world around them. They represent wisdom, asceticism, and destiny. The Sage’s power is to see and tell the truth.

We have found the Sage to be a compelling storyteller. They have a confident and giving demeanor that commands respect and attention. Arnoldo Diaz, is a perfect example. He shared the story of his life changing on-the-job injury to launch Recology’s Employee Safety Program.

The Creator

Creators have a desire to create things of enduring value. The Creator archetype is seen in the artist, writer, innovator, entrepreneur, as well as any endeavor that taps into the human imagination. They are often led by a vision.

The team member that takes his or her job a little too seriously is your Creator. They don’t have to be an out of the box thinker. Their power is conviction, believing in what they do – the product or service your company provides. They are well suited for messaging with a goal to inspire and motivate.


Contact Marc Heal to learn more about the five archetypes and how Kontent Films can help you use them in your video messaging strategy.


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